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Publisher: MicroProse Software

Developer: ORIGIN Systems, Inc.

Year: 1988

Genre: action rpg




Times of Lore is an action game released in 1988 by MicroProse Software. The game was released for Amiga, AMstrad CPC, Appl eII, Stari ST, C64, PC (DOS), ZX Spectrum and NES.
The kingdom of Albereth struggles to resist the attack of the barbarian tribes, but King Valwyn is severely wounded in the course of the battle. The monarch decides to leave his people to heal his wounds in peace. In his absence, the local nobility begins a struggle for power. A difficult time is coming for the people of Albereth, their lands are invaded not only by hordes, but also by monsters. A lone hero stands up against the enemies, who sets out on a mission to find three artifacts - only thanks to them King Valwyn will regain his strength.
Times of Lore is an action RPG game with a top-down view. The production allows you to play the role of a hero representing one of three classes: strong barbarian, armored knight or roll Valkyrie. A vast world full of many secrets awaits players, which they can freely explore. The gameplay is based on completing missions, gathering better and better equipment and fighting enemies.
Like the popular Ultima series, in Times of Lore, the protagonist can interact with the environment through a simple interface. It allows, among others to start a conversation, pick up or use items.


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