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Publisher: Gremlin Graphics Software Limited

Developer: Gray Matter Inc.

Year: 1988

Genre: action arcade




Techno Cop is a game released in the 80's and it's a real treat for fans of racing games. The game from Gremlin Graphics Software Limited, set in the near future, is an offer full of action and police pursuits. The player, playing the role of a policeman armed with a gun, travels the streets of a futuristic city in search of and annihilating bandits. The entire game was divided into two parts: driving-action and sidescrolling-action. The first one is entirely based on city races. Getting behind the wheel of your red Ferrari you set out on a mission to destroy enemy cars. The second part, on the other hand, is direct combat. Get rid of the enemies by shooting them. Strength or dexterity skills are most welcome, the more that some of the missions are timed missions. The main character can, however, combine a somersault over an abyss with an accurate shot at the opponent. After killing or catching the villain, you return to your main track to complete the next missions waiting for you.


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