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Publisher: Elite Systems

Developer: Rage Software Ltd.

Year: 1992

Genre: sports arcade





Striker is a sports game (soccer) released in 1992 by Elite Systems Ltd. The game was released for Amiga, Atari ST, PC (DOS), Amiga CD32, Genesis and SNES consoles.
Striker is a typical representative of football games issued in those years. Here, the emphasis is placed on the graphic side - the default view of the pitch is a perspective view (you can change to a bird's eye view or a view from the side line of the court). In the game, we find 64 national teams that we can compete in the cups. As every game of this type, during the match we can make changes, set tactics, etc.


Amiga     PC     Genesis     SNES    

You can run the game for Genesis directly from the shortcut.

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