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Publisher: Maxis Software

Developer: Maxis Software

Year: 1991

Genre: simulator




SimAnt: The Electronic Colony, a simulation game (from the well-known Sim family) published by Maxis Software. The game was released in 1991 for PCs and a year later for Amiga computers.
SimAnt is a typical Sim gaming family (from Maxis). Our task, in this title, is to direct the colony of ants to drive people out of the house.
In the game we can take on any ant in the colony, for example we can be a worker, a guard or a queen. We take an active part in the life of the ants - we set up the work of the colony, we walk the larvae, dig tunnels or organize trips to other colons. Everything to create the largest colony and, as we mentioned earlier, drive out people from their home.
The game offers three game modes: Quick Game, Full Game and Experimental. In the first one, your task is to defeat the enemy colony. Full game, it is a sprawling colony and expelling people from the house. Experimental - In this mode a player can control red ants and spiders. We have access to experimental measures such as pesticides, food, etc.


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