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Publisher: Majesco Entertainment Company

Developer: Appaloosa Interactive Corp.

Year: 2006

Genre: action




Jaws: Unleashed is an action game released in 2006 by Majesco Entertainment Company. The game was released for PC (Windows), PlayStation and XBox consoles.
Jaws: Unleashed hit stores on the 30th anniversary of the release of the famous film "Jaws" by Steven Spielberg and, like him, tells the story of a giant shark terrorizing the island of Amity. However, you will be surprised who expected that the player will play the role of heroes hunting for the beast - because it is the actions of the predatory fish we control in this title.
The game is set 30 years after the events of the movie. Amity Island is again haunted by a huge shark, whose actions we will manage. Our task is not only to devour sea animals and inattentive sunbathers - we also have to face dangerous opponents, which include the shark hunter Cruz Raddock, trying to kill fish in revenge for the death of his son at all costs, as well as biologist Michael Brody, who intends to close our shark in a research center.
The undoubted advantages of the production include colorful and rich graphic design, as well as freedom of action, allowing in a satisfying and spectacular way to deal with the undersea fauna and wreak havoc on the waterfront.


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