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Publisher: Whiptail Interactive

Developer: MediaMobsters Aps.

Year: 2004

Genre: strategy




Gangland is a strategy game released in 2004 by Whiptail Interactive. The game was released for Macintosh and PC (Windows).
Gangland is a strategy game focused on members of the family involved in criminal activities in Sicily. The action focuses mainly on five brothers: Mario, Sonny, Chico, Angelo and Romano. Chico is murdered by his three siblings, and his death is followed by Angelo, Romano and Sonny, who then leave for America to continue their criminal career there. Mario, in which the player plays the role, wants to follow them to do their due justice. First, however, he must acquire the necessary skills and resources that will allow him to do so. So he begins to explore the mafia world from the inside and gains valuable experience. During the entertainment, we can establish contacts with other criminals, deal with business, develop trade and build new mafia families. We also have a second game model to choose from, which comes down only to a brutal fight for victory. The standard is theft, smuggling of illegal goods, intimidation and pursuit of purpose at all costs.


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