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Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Gas Powered Games Corp.

Year: 2002

Genre: rpg adventure




Dungeon Siege is an RPG game released in 2002 by Microsoft Corporation. The game was released for Macintosh and PC (Windows).
Dungeon Siege is a game set in a fantasy world. The player is thrown into the vortex of the plot when an enemy Krug race attacks a peaceful agricultural village inhabited by the protagonist. Then he enters the path that will lead him to save the whole land from evil, even though he was only a peasant until then. The gender and appearance of the main character depends on us, as well as in which direction he will develop. You can choose from the classic RPG attributes: strength, dexterity and intelligence. The gameplay is linear - the player and his team of daredevils travel along one path and struggle with increasingly powerful opponents. Sometimes there are also minor side quests. By defeating enemies, the player gains gold, which he can exchange in the towns on the way for better weapons, armor, or useful potions. The game also includes a special editor that allows the player to create scenarios he invented. In addition to the single player campaign mode, there are also several forms of multiplayer gameplay via LAN or the Internet.

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