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Description of DIGGERS

Diggers, a puzzle game from 1993. A game released by Millenium for the Amiga CD32 console, later moved to Amiga and PC.

In the game you take control of a team of miners who extract precious jewels and deposits. The game takes place on the planet Zarg, where four races of "people" compete with each other in order to get the most profit from the extraction of precious minerals. When you play the game you have the option of choosing which race you will lead. One of the breeds is "the Habbish" - their advantage is digging speed and endurance, the next race is "Grablins" - their advantage is very sybic kicking, but already endurance is not sinning. Besides you are not a type of "fighter". "Quarriors" - this is a race that slowly copies, but their advantage is that they are militant fighters. The last race is the "F'Targs", which are average diggers, but they are very powerful regeneration. The next choice you will have to take is to select the area where you will be digging. Here you can choose from 34 regions, but at the beginning of the game you can only choose from 2 active. In each region you will need to get the right amount of raw materials or other precious minerals.

The Diggers game is similar in design to Lemming, but here we have 5 miners available, and each one can be assigned one of several options. Graphically presents a decent level. The game will surely sprain you to the fans of logic games.

Install notes:
Amiga version requires original rom in version 3.0. WinUAE settings:
Chipset: AGA,
RAM: 2 Mb Chip RAM,
Processor 68020
for the convenience 4 floppy drives.

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