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Publisher: Impressions Games

Developer: Impressions Games

Year: 1994

Genre: economics





Detroit is an economic game released in 1994 by Impressions Games. The game was released for Amiga and PC (DOS).
We start the game in 1908, playing the president of an automotive company. Your task is to manage all departments of the company, i.e. design office, marketing and sales, personnel, finances, etc. In the game you will be able to decide on the design of a new car, the engine you apply in it and commission technical tests (before the car goes on the market, you can check how he behaves on the road). After completing all the work involved in the construction of the car you have to think about advertising a new product - without advertising, you will not encourage people to buy your car.
Detroit is a game in which fans of four circles with an economic thrust should play. Recommended.


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