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Description of CALL OF DUTY

Call of Duty is an action game (FPS) released in 2003 by Activision Publishing. The game was released for Macintosh, PC (Windows), PlayStation and XBox consoles.

Call of Duty is, in fact, a legendary game. After all, it was from her that the birth of the series began, whose continuations arise to this day. So what was this game?

It was a classic FPS that touched upon the topic of World War II. However, the novelty compared to competing games was that we could look at the game from three different perspectives. Namely, we played properly the skin of an American paratrooper, British member of SAS and a Russian soldier. Thanks to this operation, we did not feel overload of the specific scenery, because the creators were shifting us to different areas of activity, at the same time adding to the diversity of missions (For example, once we found the German destroyer, then to hit the Volga River and capture Stalingrad). Personally, it's hard for me to say which campaign was the best one, because each one had its moments through which I gladly come back to this game from time to time. The most important, however, is that the game paved the FPS trail of those times, and the Call of Duty series itself has since chosen the trend that guided the competition's games.

Personally, I think the first part of Call of Duty is an absolute classic and a game that is worth playing even nowadays, because it is still a nice shooter that does not focus only on "Go and shoot".

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