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Description of BOULDER DASH

Boulder Dash, a logic-arcade game released in 1984 by First Star Software. The game was originally released for the Apple II, MSX, ZX Spectrum, C64, and Atari 400/800 computers. Later versions were released for other PCs including the PC and the NES.

The task in the game is (it would seem) very simple - you have to collect the right amount of diamonds and then find the way to the exit. Simple and yet. The game became very popular in the eighties when it came to light. Over the years, many remakes of the game or clones such as Supaplex or our native Robbo.

We will not be playing in the game - in Boulder Dash you have to play at least once in your life. It is worth to download and recall the game - even if it is sentimental.

Install notes:
The game was not released for Amiga. However, we include Boulder Dash II. Set up the WinUAE emulator as for the A500. While it should work on any setting.

The PC version is the original version. In the archives you will find two parts of the game.

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ricardo tribuzi 2020-04-22
antigo jogo bolas de pedras ..muito bom..