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Publisher: U.S. Gold

Developer: Delphine Software International

Year: 1991

Genre: adventure




Another World, an adventure game released by US Gold in 1991. Originally published for Amiga computers. It then migrates to the Atari ST, PC, and Sega 16bit.
In this game you play as a young scientist. At night during the experiment on the acceleration of elemental particles, the lightning struck the laboratory. As a result of the discharge, the scientist loses control of the experiment and is absorbed into another reality. And now your adventure begins, in another world.
Another World is a game in which you will have to face many insecure people. The beginning of the adventure, when you are in the pool, you have to run away from the tent of a strange creature. Later it will not be easier!
The game created by one man √Črica Chahi, made a fury in the 90s. Another World sold 1 million copies, which proves that the game is really worth playing. Recommended.

Install notes:
The game for Amiga requires 1 Mb of Chip RAM.
You will launch a PC game by dragging the ANOTHER.EXE icon on the DosBox.
Another World for Mac you will run using emulator Basilisk II.


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