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Description of 25 TO LIFE

It is a dynamic action game in which the hero is visible from a third person view. The title is strongly modeled on GTA games.

The plot focuses on the main character named Freeze, who builds his criminal career, starting classically, as an errand boy, receiving more and more responsible tasks. However, the most frequently chosen game mode is multiplayer. Here, at the very beginning, we choose the side we are on - gangsters or policemen. Depending on the choice, we get different weapons and the level of difficulty related to the operation.

The game allows you to create the game. The appearance of our hero depends on the player. Before the game itself, you should choose your equipment. Here you can meet with realism, just like in real life, it is impossible to carry all your weapons with you. As the mission changes, the locations also change. You can rob or defend in a bank, park or subway.

25 to Life is a true reflection of America's good versus bad battles. It is up to the player to choose which side to stand on, although it is worth trying both.

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