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Publisher: Konami

Developer: Konami Co., Ltd.

Year: 1994

Genre: action arcade




Sparkster is a continuation of the game called Rocket Knight Adventures. We come back to the adventures of the knight called Sparkster, created by Konami in 1994. The action of this part of the game begins right after the events presented in the first edition of the adventures of the knight. Sparster manages to save Princess Cherry and happily return her to the Queen. Everything seems to have gone well until the kingdom is attacked by the Gedol Empire, on the side of which is being fought by Sparkster's greatest rival, Axel Gear. The matter becomes even more complicated when Axel's sinister plans come to light. He is getting ready to kidnap Princess Cherry's cousin, a certain Princess Sherry. And this is how Sparkster enters the game, setting off to rescue another members of the royal family. This platform game consists of six levels, in which the player controls the hero, moves him, jumps and attacks with a sword. What distinguishes Sparkster from its predecessor is the ability to change the hero into a Golden Sparkster. To do this, the player must collect seven secret swords hidden on the route. It's worth looking around at these swords, because the new version of Sparkster is more powerful in action.


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