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Description of SIMS 2

The Sims 2 is a classic installment in the popular series of life simulators by Maxis. Many consider it the best part, and this is best evidenced by the number of add-ons released and the support time, which was only beaten by the fourth installment. Your own dream alter ego allows you to create a comprehensive editor. Not only external appearance, but also character traits affect the gameplay. Advanced artificial intelligence provides numerous interactions with computer characters. Everything matters in this game - you have to work to have money for food. If the basic needs of the character are not met, death will occur. The game allows you to start a family, expand and freely furnish your home, as well as professional promotions. Millions of followers around the world are no surprise - the most comprehensive life simulator available on the market for many years. Low hardware requirements allow you to enjoy it on virtually any device. It's time to move into the vast world of The Sims 2, start speaking Simlish and see which life is easier.

Install notes: There are problems launching the game on new operating systems. You can find helpful information at PC Gaming Wiki

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