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Publisher: Mikro-Gen

Developer: Mikro-Gen Ltd

Year: 1984

Genre: arcade




Pajamarama is an arcade game released in 1984 by Mikro-Gen. The game was released for Amstrad CPC, C64 and ZX Spectrum.
Wally Week has been trapped in his nightmare and if he does not wake up in time - he will lose his job at the car factory. The fate of Wally depends on us! We need to help him find the door key so that he can start the alarm and then wake up. The world presented in the game is very strange - all items are much larger than in real life. In addition, the whole house is dominated by various hostile objects and animals with which contact ends in a loss of energy. Energy is represented in the form of a glass of milk - you must be careful that the milk does not spill - because it means losing "life". You'll need to find items and use them in the right place to complete the game.


C64     ZX Spectrum    

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