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Description of PURE

"Pure" is a game in which players take on the role of a driver of an off-road vehicle - a quad. The game is characterized by the fact that the player must build his vehicle from scratch - from the suspension to the shape and color of the steering wheel. New quad parts can be obtained by winning World Tour races. Some parts are purely cosmetic and do not change the parameters of the quad, but others have a big impact and come in two versions: freestyle or racing. Deciding which to use has a big impact on how the vehicle behaves in terms of speed or how easily you can perform tricks on it.

During races, the player can perform tricks that give him more or less boost, depending on how attractive it was to the audience. Boost can be used during a rally - it gives the vehicle a lot of acceleration. Boost also determines what tricks can be performed. The player must decide whether they want to perform more difficult tricks and gain more boost, or sacrifice it for a short speed advantage.

One of the most interesting game modes is Freestyle. Place is not important here, instead the player has to perform tricks to earn points. The race ends when all drivers have used up all their fuel. The one with the most points wins.

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