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Description of OUTCRY

Outcry is a classic point and click adventure game with a first person view.

The player takes on the role of a middle-aged man who is a writer. He had traveled a long time in the North Sea, and the reason for his return was a letter from a brother whom he had not seen in years. Brother, a scientist and university professor, went missing, which the writer learns after reaching the place. It turns out that the scientist was working on a machine to separate consciousness from the body.

There is a dark atmosphere of surrealism in the game, intensified by the accompanying music. Outcry is, apart from the gameplay, a trip through the world of the mentality of the individual, subconscious and internal conflicts. The puzzles waiting to be solved are very diverse, and you can find hints on how to unravel them in books and on cards. The ability to interact with the environment is very limited, which is to facilitate the game.

The atmosphere is a combination of old movies and photographs in a mixture of different styles: from steampunk, through retro, industrial and modernist, to Victorian.

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