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Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Probe Software Ltd.

Year: 1993

Genre: arcade fighting




Mortal Kombat, an arcade game published by Virgin Interactive in 1994. The game for Amiga and PC is a game-changer known from the handheld. In addition, the game has been released for SEGA consoles.
For the last 500 years, Shang Tsung has been hosting a warrior tournament on a remote island. The tournament is organized for the best warriors in the world. It is life. To survive, you must go through the whole tournament - fighting each warrior in turn and with your own copy. One of the last fights is a witch with a powerful GORO, a mutant with four hands. Last, after defeating GORO - it's a fight with Shang Tsung himself.
So after a brief look at the story of the game. Mortal kombat is a typical arcade game - representing very popular martial arts in those days. In the game we choose our hero (a warrior) who has unique abilities. The game is very fast action. This is one of the games we should play, or at least know.
Graphically very well done. One of the first games in which digitized images of characters were digitized. Mortal Kombat at the time of its creation, has set a certain trend (character animations, warriors do not draw - and digitized images).

Install notes:
The Amiga version requires an original ROM (eg Kisckstart 1.3), 1 Mb RAM RAM. Set up at least two floppy drives.


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