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Description of FORSAKEN

Forsaken is an action game (FPS) released in 1998 by Accalaim Entertainment. The game was released for PC (Windows), N64 and PlayStation.

The action of the game takes place somewhere in an undetermined future - in times when the Earth is no longer habitable. You play as a daredevil whose goal is to find the remaining gold in the vaults of the destroyed planet. With the help of your vehicle equipped with a cannon and rockets, you'll travel through mazes where you'll find hidden gold and hundreds of enemies who are watching over your life.

Install notes: If the game does not start after unpacking - copy Glide.dll, Glide2x.dll and Glide3x.dll files from the dgVooDoo package to the folder where the game is located. Then Select A Renderer -> 3DfxVooDoo2.

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internet user 2019-09-17
i played this game on the N64 old times