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DUNE 2000

Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Westwood Studios

Year: 1998

Genre: strategy rts




Dune 2000, a strategy game (rts) released in 1998 by Virgin Interactive. The game was released for PCs, later presented a conversion for the PlayStation console.
The action game takes place on the planet Arrakis. We play the leader of one of the faction inhabiting this planet: Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos. The goal of the game is to take control of the plantation of spices on Arrakis. Spices are the "currency" in the game. Thanks to them, the player can build soldiers and combat vehicles that will ultimately bring you to victory.
Dune 2000 is a typical RTS game. When starting the game, we only see a map, we have a basic building (we can build another) and several combat units (infantry and combat vehicles). Your success depends on your mission Dune 2000, this game is definitely for the fans of the genre. The advantage is, the ability to play in the network (multiplayer mode).


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