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Publisher: Microprose

Developer: Sid Meier

Year: 1995

Genre: strategy





Colonization, a strategic game released in 1995 by Microprose. The game was developed for Amiga and PC
The goal of Colonization game is to gain independence. You start with the discovery of a new land. In the game you have to create a network of elaborate colonies. Colonization is a game in which the right strategic and economic decisions can spoil your colony to build a new world or make inadequate decisions to sink it. Every commodity or good you produce must be appropriately allocated to each settlement in order to develop as quickly as possible the commercial network. The goods produced by the estate are used for further expansion of the settlement or for sale in the home port of Europe. You can also trade goods with the natives (or, if applicable, trade with foreign colonies), thus giving you the means to buy or recruit colonists. Also remember about diplomacy. By conquering the world you have to count on the peoples inhabiting the area. The emphasis is on the profession of colonists. Each of them has some special skills that increase the productivity of a particular profession.

The game is a turn-based strategy. You start the game from one ship you have to sail to the new land. From now on, you are on your own. You are a fan of Sida Meiers - you have to play Colonization.


Why can`t I download the game? Buy a game for PC means that the game is no longer abandonware. You can buy the game at an affordable price on one of the game distribution platforms, eg GOG / Steam / Origin. By clicking on Buy game for PC, you will be redirected to one of the mentioned platforms.

The Amiga version requires the original rom (preferably Kickstart 3.1) and 2 Mb Chip RAM. This is a version for computers equipped with AGA bones.

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