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Description of TROPICO

Tropico is a strategy game released in 2001 by Gathering of Developers. The game was released for Macintosh and PC (Windows).

In the game we play the role of the dictator of a tiny island that is part of a larger archipelago somewhere in the Caribbean. After taking over power, our task becomes the economic development of this patch of land. In particular, we will face poverty and social tensions. Tourist attractions of the region will help in this. By adding more hotels and resorts, we are expanding our account at the Swiss Bank. We have at our disposal over 100 various buildings retaining the traditional Latin American character from the 1950s. Apart from the tourist base, there will be banana plantations, casinos and copper mines. As a dictator, we also have two ways of exercising power: strong hand and forgiving ruler. We ourselves have to decide which measures will bring happiness to our citizens.

The game is characterized by a variety of animations of the environment, from weather conditions to the environment, and high resolution of landscapes. All this thanks to the use of a modified version of the 3D engine.

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