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Publisher: Konami of America

Developer: Artificial Mind & Movement

Year: 2000

Genre: action arcade




The Grinch is an action game released in 2000 by Konami of America. The game was released for PC (Windows), Dreamcast and PlayStation.
In the game, we play the role of Grinch, who lives on the gloomy Mount Crumpit mountain. From his flat in the mountains, he observes the town of Who-ville through a telescope. Great Christmas preparations are underway. The townspeople prepare a party, buy gifts for their loved ones, and decorate their home Christmas trees. The Grinch keeps a close eye on which gifts to take and plans to spoil the Christmas season. There are 24 missions to complete, during which the player awaits a number of surprises, allowing the player to spend time actively and diversify the game. A fairy-tale world full of fantasy and adventures will make it the perfect entertainment for autumn evenings. In The Grinch you can jump, hit the ground, use smelly missiles as an attack, to overcome obstacles in the game. As you progress, new gadgets and actions are unlocked that will help you overcome the next stages of the game. The Grinch visits more towns, discovering new actions, meeting the townspeople and magical creatures, his faithful dog Max helps in his missions.


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