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Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Developer: CapCom
Year: 1997
Genre: arcade


Megaman X4 (other titles: Rockman X4) is an arcade game released in 1997 by Virgin Interactive. The game was released for PC (Windows) and PlayStation, SEGA Saturn consoles.
The game takes place in the XXII century. A few months before the events began, an organization called the Repliforce was founded in the game. reploids with the names General and Colonel. Sigma visits this first, who plans to tell the General that the Hunters are dangerous and that the best way is to destroy them. General refuses because he does not want to betray people. Later, the city called Sky Lagoon is destroyed, causing thousands of people and replies to perish. Colonel arrives at the crash site. X and Zero suspect that Repliforce was behind this disaster, but Colonel denies it. It comes to light that it was a reploid named Magma Dragoon. Then, Repliforce announces the desire to create an independent state of replies. They plan to destroy the world using a space station called Final Weapon.


Mount the game image. You will install the game by running the Setup32.exe file (wait a moment - it may seem that the program has not started, but after a few seconds the installer window will appear). After the installation - the installer will display an error message that he can not create a shortcut on the desktop, it is not a fatal error - just open the folder with the game and run it with the MM4.EXE command. In newer systems (eg Windows 10) you may have problems with playing movies in the game - press ESC on the white screen and the game will continue.
In rare cases, to install the game, do the following: copy the entire contents of the disc image (after mounting) to the folder on the hard disk. Install the game from a copy made just before - via the setup 32.exe command. After installation - you can delete the installation folder.

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