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Publisher: MicroProse
Developer: FASA Interactive
Year: 1998
Genre: strategy rts


Mech Commander is a strategy game (RTS) released in 1998 by MicroProse. The game was released for PCs (Windows).
In the game, we play as the commander of the robot division. You are a soldier of the Federated Commonwealth's First Davion Guards. Your task is to take over the planet Arthur from the Smoke Jaguar clan.
The game consists of 30 campaigns divided into 6 missions - each mission consists of 5 military operations. Each mission consists of several objectives, such as destroying enemy units, acquiring or defending enemy units, protecting friendly units, and conquering and defending bases. Some missions have to be completed within a certain time.


On our website is the Gold version - with additional missions. The game is in the RIP version - just unpack to any folder. You can start the game with the MCX.EXE command. On Windows 7/8/10 systems, set compatibility mode with Windows 98.

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