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Description of FALCON 4.0

Falcon 4.0 is a realistic simulation of a Block 50/52 F-16 jet fighter. The player takes part in a full-blown modern war taking place on the Korean Peninsula. Virtual gameplay refers to the actual combat operations of a fighter pilot. At the beginning, the player encounters over thirty training scenarios that are designed to teach him how to maneuver the F-16. After that, he can take part in the basic game mode, which simulates participation in modern war. The player can also engage in air combat mode, which allows individual battles with the enemy in the sky.

The F-16 simulator reproduces the actual technique of flying an airplane, using radar and weapons. The player has radio communication and navigation at his disposal. The thrill of the game comes from having a mission threat assessment and a direct response. An additional element that provides emotions is having a personal diary, in which results are recorded, such as flight hours or the number of killed enemies. Eliminating a large number of enemy troops during the mission can lead to promotion. Destroying friendly targets can lead to a downgrade or even a trial.

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