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Publisher: Id Software

Year: 1993

Genre: fps




Doom, an FPS game (First Person Shooter) released in 1993 by Id Software. A game released for PCs.
This is the second (after Wolfenstain 3D) game of the FPS genre released by Id Software. In Doom, there was a possibility of three-dimensional (ie, up / down) scrambling. The game is characterized (of course for those times and compared to Wolfenstain 3D) very nice lighting of the chambers. In the game we have several weapons ranging from guns, rifles to successful chain saws. Doom offers the so called muliplayer gameplay. Deathmatch. In 1997, the developers decided to release the source code, resulting in many modifications and add-ons.
The game as a precursor of the genre, dazzling graphics and speed of animation (for those times). Now it's worth a try, just to see what the origins of FPS games are.


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