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Publisher: Microprose
Developer: Microprose
Year: 1996
Genre: strategy


Civilization II, a strategy game (turn-based) released in 1996 by Microprose (PC version) or MacSoft (Macintosh version).
Civilization II is a continuation of the well-received previous part of the game. The rules of the game as well as the goal to achieve remained unchanged. The biggest change can be seen from the graphic side.
The new interface is the user interface - all information (eg about the city), technology tree, etc. shown in pop-up windows. Also in Civilization II, the world is isometrically presented (the effect of three dimensions). In addition, the player can choose the style of building depending on the character of the civilization (medieval castle, bronze monoliths, classical forum and far-east pavilions).
We start the game in 4000 p.n.e. choosing one of 21 civilizations. Then select the difficulty level of Leader, Commander, Prince, King, Emperor, and Deity (added in the second part). From now on in your hands lies the fate of your civilization ...
Civilization II is a very well-executed strategy-turn-based game. This is a must-have item for every fan of the series.


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