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Useful apps you can use to play old PC games.

Most games for old personal computers will be launched using the DOSBox program. This is a free program and we can use it without any time limits. We can download it from the authors' website (link below the text). Running the game is very easy. Simply drag the appropriate file to the DOSBox shortcut, and after a while you get the correct program. Games for the PC, usually run via the EXE file, if there are exceptions, we will write about it with the appropriate game. This knowledge is enough to run old games. We will not go into the configuration details. For MacOS users, we recommend the Boxer program. Thanks to Boxer, you will be able to run DOS games by dragging the game icon onto the program window (but this is not the only useful functionality, more information can be found on the project website - link below).
On our pages you will also find games that work in the Windows environment. Under the description of such games, if the launch requires additional activities, we will write to you how to launch the game. In most cases, you will need to install dgVooDoo and / or nGlide (links below) to run the old game on modern Windows systems. They are so-called wrappers of old graphics cards, eg VooDoo. Games requiring dgVooDoo / nGlide are eg FIFA 99, Ignition, Actua Soccer 3, Carmageddon and much more An alternative way to run old games can be ReactOS. It is a free version of the system similar to the Windows ecosystem. Below the text you will find a link to the project website.
If you use Linux or MacOS systems, you can use WineHQ to run games that require Windows. WineHQ is a layer that loads Windows programs directly in Linux. It is not an emulator, applications run in Wine, behave as if they were running natively in Windows. Link to the Wine project page can be found under the text.
DOSBox home page    Donwload DOSBox from authors' webpage
ReactOS home page
WineHQ home page
Boxer website

Alternative links:
DOSBox v 0.74
Windows    macOS (Universal)

Boxer v 1.4.0
macOS 10.6+

Applications that help you run old games on Windows systems:
dgVooDoo: dgVooDoo authors' website. You will find there a link to download the latest version.
nGlide home page.

Alternative links
dgVooDoo    nGlide: v.1.05   v.2.00

Windows will not open some disc images. We recommend the free WinCDEmu program. With this application you will open not only ISO, but also CUE, NRG, MDS / MDF, CCD and IMG.
WinCDEmu you can download from authors' website or alternatively v.4.1.

Other programs that may be useful when running old games:
CPU Killer 3, a program through which you slow down your computer. Download v.1.0.7   CPU Killer 3 website