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Publisher: Team 17

Year: 1993

Genre: arcade




Super Frog, a platform-arcade game released in 1993 by Team 17. The prototype was created for the Amiga. In 1994, a conversion was made for PCs.
A long time ago (and perhaps quite a long time ago), very far away, lived a beautiful princess and her future spouse, prince (Charles's visit). Everything was perfect. All around peace and harmony. However, not everyone was happy. Not far from the land of happiness, there was a wicked old witch. She did not like her happiness. So what did she do? You know? Sure - as it usually happens in fairy tales - someone has to turn into a frog. But why would she be a princess again? This time - the prince will be a frog - a great frog, who must save his princess.
And you are the frog. You have to cross the six worlds, full of danger, to save your beloved. In the game you have to collect the required amount of coins to get to the next level. On the way you will encounter many "dangerous" animals, helpful items (lukozada, wings). In the game you will find many hidden passages, tunnels, etc.
Super Frog is a must-have item for any arcade gamer. Graphically and musically refined to the maximum extent that the Amiga could achieve (so the authors of the game speak). Compulsory position.

Install notes:
The Amiga version requires an original rom (eg Kickstart 1.3). Set a minimum of 1 Mb of RAM.
For PCs, set the appropriate DOSBox speed (number of cycles) - SHIFT + CTRL + F11 / F12 combination.


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