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Publisher: Empire Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Minds Eye Productions

Year: 2000

Genre: logical puzzle





Sheep is a puzzle game released in 2000 by Empire Interactive Entertainment. The game was released for the Macintosh, PC (Windows), PlayStation and PS Vita.
Sheep is a game in which you play as a shepherd. Your task is to drive a herd of sheep to a specific place. The task is not easy, because you have a certain time to complete the task and there are various obstacles on the road, eg combine harvesters, tractors, energized fences, etc. As in the Lemmings game, you have to bring a certain number of sheep in each level.
In the game you will be able to choose one of the four 'shepherds' with different characteristics and one of the sheep breeds that you will play (also with different characteristics).


PC version. After installing the game, copy files from the fix directory to the place of the installed game.

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